Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


2010 will be the year that marks the beginning of something very important at Waters of Life.  For the last 5 years our focus has been the building and straight evangelism.  We have been driven by the “Great Commission:  Go therefore and make disciples of nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  The focus won’t change but we will add to it; making disciples.  Discipleship is the most important attribute that defines a church.  Discipleship is the ability to nurture and support a member’s spiritual well-being.  Discipleship is about equipping and preparing people to be authentic followers of Jesus Christ. 


As we prepare for this new ministry challenge, six leaders have arose from our congregation and have committed themselves to help us make disciples.  They are:  Dr. Heather Carlson, Dr. Justin Dahl, Roger Lindberg, Dezeray Pollard, Ray Severance, and Sue VanNorman.  They will be leading 6 groups called Growth Groups.  Our hope is to have 15-20 of you join each of them in a journey of faith, as we explore the sage advice of Henry Blackaby in his renowned book, Experiencing God”.   This journey together will start the week of February 1st and end the week of April 26th.  We will begin signing up Sunday January 3rd   and continue each Sunday in January.  Each Growth Group Leader will meet with their own group on a different day and/or time.  Our hope is that we can accommodate as many people as possible.  The first 100 people to sign up get a free copy of “Experiencing God.” If you have administrative skills and would like to help one of the leaders with all the coordinating needs please feel free to contact them directly.


May this year be one that deepens our faith and our relationships!  Happy New Year!  
Pastor Tim
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