June’s message

Why should I attend a Small Group?

Small groups at Waters of Life exist to help you grow to full maturity in your relationship with Jesus Christ and others. You may be doing great in your Christian walk right now, but by being in relationship with fellow believers, you will experience even more of the abundant life Jesus has to offer. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 says, “two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: if one falls down, his friend can help him up.”  If you are ready to connect with other people, belong to something life-changing, and grow in Christ through relationships with other believers, then maybe it’s time to get involved in a small group!

What is a Small Group?

A small group is typically made up of 8 or more who meet regularly during the week to share about their lives, support one another, pray together, worship God, and study biblical truths. Each group has a leader (or one person may host and lead). Groups can meet at a number of different locations including coffee shops, restaurants, the church, and work places, more are choosing their homes. Most groups meet weekly during evening hours, but some meet in the morning or afternoon. Our goal is to accommodate the different needs of those in our church by offering a variety of options.

How do I find a Small Group?

It is as easy as A,B,C…
Look through our newsletter and find a group or two that suit your schedule and interests. Then call or email the host or leader to get more information about the group. After you get directions and details, just show up and check it out! You can also sign up for a group online and the leader of the group will contact you shortly. Hopefully, you’ll feel right at home with the first group you visit, but you may want to visit several groups before you find the group that’s right for you. If you feel a little nervous or unsure, just stick with it – you’ll be happy you did! So, will you take the steps to find your small group… for more info, feel free to contact Suzy Van Norman at

Blessings,  Pastor Tim

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