Soul Xray


Imagine a long line of members outside the church office.  Mary Peterson invites them in, one-by-one, to sit down in front of a soul x-ray.  The special gadget has the extraordinary ability to reveal the main reason each person calls Waters of Life their church home.  And for the first time we see with clarity what really nourishes and sustains our deepest connection to the church.


What would we discover?  Maybe the better question is:  “what would we hope to discover?”

After 5 years working as the mission developer and 2 years as your called pastor, I propose the best answer is vision.  God has given us a vision of Praising God, Strengthening Families, and Serving the Community.  That vision is seen in the architecture of the church, the style of our worship, and even the programs we offer.


The vision God has given Waters of Life has created a spiritual connection with people that leads them to a deeper look at themselves and the world, and then sends them out to engage others.  Connection, retention and engagement happen through God’s vision for Waters of Life. 

This Christmas season I am thankful to God for His vision for us, my family for sustaining me, and each of you for your unwavering support of putting God’s vision into action. May your days be merry and bright and all your Christmases be white.


Joy to the World!


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