Pastor Reflections for April

We are at the half way point on this journey together. As we’ve prayed for one another, for Pastor Tim and the troops in Kuwait, I have been witnessing more and more, how God takes something that is difficult and blesses us through the circumstances. Being at war and away from loved ones is not an easy thing. It reminds us that being connected, and being a church as God calls us to be, is important.

Together we have talked about sharing our faith and making it a habit to read scripture daily. When we do this first thing in the morning, it helps us set a tone for the rest of the day.  For me, I have extended my 40 Days of Faith as my Lenten practice.  In the morning, as I daily go to the mailbox and send off your favorite Bible verses to Pastor Tim, I say a prayer for him.  I think about being in the desert as I am walking with my dog up our icy driveway. Sometimes, maybe even a little bit envious of his warmer temperatures.

Over the miles, prayers, letters, e-mails and Skype remind us we are all together on this planet as Children of God. It is in sharing our faith together that we become the church. May your Lenten journey find you feeling blessed and connected as the body of Christ.


Sue Johnson

Every time I think of you, I thank my God. Phil 1:3 CEV

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