May 2011 Thoughts…

On Easter Sunday a woman at the tomb ran to tell. She ran to share her faith in the resurrection with others. To share our story, our family story, and our Christian story is the legacy we leave for others. This recollection of our past allows us to grow.

When I remember Waters of Life, I often reflect back on how I have grown, my family has grown, and the church has grown. My family arrived at Family of God Lutheran Church after receiving a postcard, much like the postcards many of you have received for Christmas or Easter services at Waters of Life inviting us to worship. Together we grew in faith. I became the Youth and Family Coordinator at a time when the Sunday School began to bloom. During that vibrant time of ministry, a conversation began about doing an addition. Or, what if, instead of building an addition for ourselves, we reached out and started a new church. This new church became Waters of Life. Easter Sunday was an amazing gift for me to look out at all those fresh new faces. The Holy Spirit is alive and well here. God is amazing.

In May, our new preaching series will focus on growth. Each week we will be taking a deeper look at Bible study, friendship, generosity, prayer, and solitude. Join us this month in growing in Christ together. Let’s dig a little deeper into the Bible, build friendships that last a lifetime, be generous with others, pray for our faith to grow, and take some time for solitude.

As you look back on the growth of your faith journey, give thanks to God and those who have gone before you and shaped you. Please join me this month in keeping Family of God in our prayers as they begin to experience fresh growth again in calling a new pastor.

Spring has sprung and Christ has risen, indeed! Let’s grow!

God’s peace ~ Sue 

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