Yup it’s all Saints day. Why do we remember saints? We are a remembering people. It’s in our nature to remember and mark our remembering in special ways. By so doing, we extend beyond ourselves and our time. When significant people touch and impact our lives, we want to remember them and treat them special – not only when they are alive, but also after they are dead. Keeping memories alive keeps us alive. Each memory is a story, and we are part of that story. Remembering is being linked to something bigger than ourselves.

What makes a saint? Faith makes a saint. Faith takes regular guys and gals, regular church people, and turns them into something special. Faith does that. Faith and baptism. And it does it fast too! How does faith and baptism make us special? By making us holy. Most of you probably already know that the word saint comes from the Latin sanctus, which means “holy.” Tell me, when you think of holy, who do you think of first? God! Of course! God is holy. Who could be more holy?

Listen to Martin Luther on this subject:
“Just as we should not deny that we are baptized and Christians, so we should not deny or doubt that we are holy…” By faith which is a gift of grace, God has made us holy. And as such a saint. That’s right, can you believe that someday somebody is going to think of you as a saint? Well it’s true, because, you will be remembered as a follower of Jesus; maybe not a perfect follower, but a person with a gift that was shared. Happy All Saints Day; saints!

Pastor Tim

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