The Prophet’s Poem

The prophet Simeon, when he saw Jesus in Mary’s arms in the Temple in Jerusalem said, “Lord now let your servant depart in peace…for my own eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared in the sight of every nation…a light to gentiles…and the Glory of your people Israel.”

Light and Glory. These two words by the prophet speak to me. As I pray and listen to God in my life I ask for his light and glory. I see a brilliant future for the community as Waters of Life continues to meet it’s needs. The church is meeting many needs in the community now. Bubbling Brook is meeting the needs of many young families and the joy of seeing and hearing them each day is such a blessing. I have been a part of and heard so many beautiful Christmas stories, of people reaching out to those in need, but can we do more?

What if we decided to meet the needs of the elderly in our community in an intentional way? What if we decided to adopt a cradle to the grave…all encompassing…vision for our ministry. How would God’s light and glory speak to us about meeting those needs. Only time will tell. Keep praying and listening. God has a plan and it will be revealed, ask Simeon.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Tim

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