“Ready to Rally”

Congratulations! You, as an important part of the Waters of Life congregation, have built a beautiful church building that is increasing in attendance every Sunday. This can be considered a success. But God never said that once we built a church, our work was done and we could sit back and relax. Instead, we are commanded to make disciples of all nations. This is the great commission. So how do we make disciples of all nations? Over the next year, we at Waters of Life will focus on ways that we can make disciples of all nations – beginning right here in our neighborhoods. We hope you are excited about this prospect and will join us in whatever way you can.

We are excited to introduce you to Dan and Lil Holm joining our faith community. Dan has agreed to work as our Youth and Family Minister. Dan is a recently retired Pastor from Kenwood Lutheran. His 30+ years in ministry give him great insight into ministry with families and youth. We are delighted to have him and Lil aboard the ship at Waters of Life. Please join me in welcoming them in September. It will be a busy month with blessings of the backpacks, beasts and children; and Rally Sunday with sign-ups for Sunday School, Confirmation, and Youth Group. Please help spread the news. It’s time to get ready and rally!

Pastor Tim

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