Monday prayer advent 2

Holy God!

It is advent

The season of preparing and stillness and quiet and waiting.

Yet, we are all about the tree and the tinsel and the lights and the carols and the food and the lists and the shopping.

Then, of course, O God, we beat ourselves up!Should we trim the tree on Christmas Eve? (In between the carols and the services, and the cooking and the family and the travellers and all of the stuff)Should we turn our backs on all of the fripperies until Advent is done and Christmas begins?

Or, should we actually, be kind to ourselves?When we have a window of opportunity, to unpack the boxes, relive the memories, share the joy and open up to the hope.Dear. God!

Sometimes it feels to me like the world has gone madWe are charged with sharing your love, your message of peace and hope and Justice.Yet when we do speak out the world cringes.

Who is she to tell me?

Who is she who has an opinion?

Who is he that dares to speak up?

Don’t bring the church out into the streets… keep God in that building, away from the real world.

What does God know?

God of all – the watchers and the protesters, the black and brown and olive and white.

God of streets and hills and valleys and cities and villages, of wealthy nations and the poorest of the poor.

Help us….

Help us to remember you are God in each and every situation

Help us to know that whether the tree is up from Thanksgiving, or Christmas Eve makes no difference to you.

What matters is the heart

What can I give youPoor as I am?

What I have I give you

Give my heart


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