Sacramental Embodiment

The Pope has made quite a splash in his recent trip to America.  We love his practical wisdom, humility and charisma. His Jesuit background founded in the Abba Prayer, declares; one for all that all might live.  Jesus’ sufferings and reconciliation embrace us all.  Pope Francis embodies Christ for the world.  At the age of 78, he is a luminary.  The human form that the Spirit uses for the good of the world.  Do you need to be reminded the same is true about you?  Your body is where the Holy Spirit abides.  Your body is a temple.  The temple used to be where God was, now in Christ the temple is your bodies.  You are fed weekly with the Body of Christ so that you embody Christ in the world.   You are the righteousness of God.

As a sacramental embodiment you can no longer ignore the pain and suffering of others but are called to be God’s righteousness to people who need the gift of your presence (and God in you).  Please continue to let the Spirit in you shine into our world.   The world needs you, even though you may not acknowledge it openly.  You have the ability in you to do great things because you are unique.  You have family and friends that only you can touch with hope.

Together this fall, we join in Small Groups, Confirmation, SundaySchool, and Worship.  We gather together to strengthen and encourage each other for service to God in the world.  I’m encouraged by another Lay School of Ministry student from our congregation taking on the challenge of sacramental embodiment.  I am also encouraged by the council to begin a conversation with you on Stewardship.  Stewardship is giving from our abundance.  As God has given us, so we are to share with others.  Let’s let our spirit shine into the world together.

Blessings,  Tim

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